Joshua Penrose, a native of Columbus, Ohio, began studying piano at the age of 5. He has also studied percussion performance, music composition, and electronic music. After serving as a Russian linguist in the United States Navy, he has continued making interactive sonic art and sound-based installations. He currently teaches digital art, and approaches to new media as a lecturer at The Ohio State University.


My interdisciplinary work engages with the digital data stream. It includes writing software, organizing sound, building interfaces, assembling interactive installations, or whatever skin the data stream can wear. Each of these endeavors follows my interest in the permutations of elements within complex systems. I am interested in what these systemic assemblages reveal about our interactions with each other, with our place and time, and like the concept of musica universalis, our connection with the ineffable.

My work engages complex systems, and attempts to synthesize materials through an imaginative, yet reverent process. I am interested in time and how it unfolds around us - how our experience of it can shift significantly depending on what we may see or hear. Time cannot be separated from space, and yet in contrast with the sturdiness of space, our experience of time is by far subtler. I am also interested in making processes transparent, whether in the writing of software, the unfolding of sound, or the manipulation of objects. I find beauty in unconcealed connections and relationships that emerge within higher-order structures.